Isolation and Loneliness.

Simple words but they hide a massive problem.

During the pandemic for our own good we had to Isolate from one another. Problem now is that Isolationism is a habit for many. They have taught themselves to withdraw from society, family and friends, because that keeps them safe. And this behaviour affects every stratus of communities from the old to the young, from rich to those on the poverty line.

But Humans no matter their Status, Colour or Creed are designed to be sociable. And when that need is not met, other issues with both physical and mental health can occur.

We all live very hurried life’s We all have our schedules and deadlines.

So what I am going to ask is counter intuitive.

The 11th of July 2023 is designated as CHEER UP THE LONELY day. So I am going to ask all you amazing people out there to reach out to someone. It could be a quick text, email, WhatsApp just to show you are thinking about them, or maybe a coffee at a cafe. Whatever it is, trust me they will appreciate it.

Loneliness is a prevalent emotion within our society. But it doesn’t have to be.

Connect with someone. Make them Matter. Cheer them up!