Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

​High blood pressure, or hypertension, rarely has noticeable symptoms. But if untreated, it increases your risk of serious problems such as heart attacks and strokes.

Around a third of adults in the UK have high blood pressure, although many will not realise it.

The only way to find out if your blood pressure is high is to have your blood pressure checked.



People from Black African and Black Caribbean ethnic groups have a higher risk of hypertension than the rest of the general population.

Black African and Black Caribbean communities are also more prone to developing type 2 diabetes, which increases the risk of having high blood pressure.

Avoiding the following can help mitigate your risk of developing hypertension. Additionally, if you already have hypertension, these should especially be avoided:

  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Smoking​
  • Eating too much salt

Additionally, it is really important to exercise regularly.

If you are overweight, seek to healthily reduce your weight



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