I’ve never heard of National Minority Mental Health Month!

In the UK Mental Health awareness month is held in April, World Mental Health Day is 10 October 2023. But there is no specific day/month, that I could find, that looked at the challenges that Racial & Ethnic minority communities face regarding the subject of Mental health and Emotional well-being.

So we looked around and co-opted one from our American neighbours.


This month is about bringing awareness to the added obstacles that people from these communities face in accessing the treatments and care they need. These may include Language, Cultural or Religious barriers and Stigma.

All society benefits when everyone has access to the appropriate mental health care, supportive social conditions and access to additional resources needed for ‘Whole’ health.

“Mental health equity is the state in which everyone has a fair and just opportunity to reach their highest level of mental health and emotional well-being.”

Individuals can play a vital role in promoting Mental Health Equity.

Why not learn about the healthy ways to Cope with Stress and in responding to Loss & Grief. Learn what Mental Health and Well-being really is. [Lots of Articles and quizzes online] Encourage conversations about Mental health and well-being, using non stigmatizing language. Learn about the types of discrimination, and make an effort to avoid perpetuating it.

Share the information with family, friend’s others in the community.

As a society we need to support the mental and emotional well-being of our communities. We need to support these communities in educating themselves about mental and physical health, as well as trauma.

We need to address the Negative perceptions and stigma surrounding these issues. And learn how we can start the open conversations about managing mental health and emotional well-being.

Hwupenyu is here to listen.