Data on the prevalence of harmful alcohol use within BAME communities is scarce and woefully inaccurate when found. Cultural taboos, barriers to engagement with treatment providers and cultural/religious stigma continue to keep harms hidden and communities suffering with untreated alcohol [and drug] addiction.

So below are the very worrying facts about Alcohol and Scotland as a whole.

Alcohol and inequalities:


Cost of alcohol harm – from The Societal Cost of Alcohol Misuse in Scotland for 2007:

  • Alcohol harm costs Scotland £3.6 billion a year in health, social care, crime, productive capacity and wider costs.
  • Alcohol costs the health service in Scotland £267 million a year.
  • The cost of alcohol-related crime is £727 million a year.
  • Alcohol costs every local authority area in Scotland millions of pounds every year. And it is increasing every year.


Everyone is aware that excessive consumption of alcohol can be seen as a coping mechanism. Drinking to forget or lessen the stress of homelessness, marital problems, lack of employment, criminal charges etc, the list goes on.

Thing is getting drunk NEVER solved any difficulty.

And Alcohol addiction NEVER just affects the Alcoholic, it affects Friends, Family-_ including Spouse and children.

So Talk to someone in confidentiality. It could be your GP or one of the alcohol charities like AA or Al-Anon